Skarra Mucci Releases His New Album Perfect Timing

Skarra Mucci Releases His New Album Perfect Timing
Skarra Mucci Releases His New Album Perfect Timing

Skarra Mucci is a Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall artist born in Kingston. Known as the “Dancehall President”, his career counts 7 solo albums, including the essential “Return of the Raggamuffin” (2012) and countless classics and cult collaborations, such as the hit “My Sound” from the album „Greater Than Great” (2014) which exceeds 15 million cumulative streams and the critically acclaimed album “Dancehall President” (2016) with its tour of more than 100 dates around the world, from Mexico to China.

5 years after the release of “Skarra Mucci & The One Love Family” (2018), this essential figure of Jamaican music, with his versatile flow and recognizable voice, announces a new studio album with multiple influences “Perfect Timing”, to be released on September 29, 2023.

The album opens with a hybrid Roots-tinged Hip-Hop riddim. Brass and percussion resonate throughout the track as Skarra Mucci gives way to a mesmerizing voice sample that gives the track “Here I Come” all its depth.

An introduction that sets the tone for an album tinged with a mix of genres brought together by producer Undisputed Records and his team of top riddim makers. “Perfect Timing” is an ode to Reggae of all eras, full of nods to the Sound System culture, from its origins to the present day. From the choice of the featurings to that of the beats, nothing is left to chance to offer us a journey through the highlights of this rich culture which has never ceased to evolve, without any period being left behind. For his first single, Skarra Mucci has chosen to announce the release of his 8th solo album with a big name of the contemporary French Reggae scene by inviting Yaniss Odua on the track “Roots Rock Reggae”.

Accustomed to albums teeming with successful collaborations, “Perfect Timing” is obviously no exception to the rule. We find in particular on the title “Street Dance” the essential French producers of L’Entourloop, with whom he released the very successful EP “Golden Nuggets” (2019, 6 titles, 20M cumulative streams) to drop once again a banger between Hip-Hop and Dancehall in line with their huge 2013 hit “Dreader Than Dread” (42M cumulative streams).

Jamaican legend Johnny Osbourne also takes part in the celebration offering a version of his 80s classic “What A La La” here performed by French riddim maker specialized in Digital Reggae, Manudigital.
Skarra Mucci continues his exploration of various styles and influences with the very groovy “Dancehall”, produced by the Dub Akom band, in which he lets us perceive all his class and swing. We also find the massive “Who Fool Them”, a UK stepper track produced by Evidence Music, as long as the future Dancehall classic “Rappa Pam Pam”, or the mystic “Misty Babylon” in a much more Roots Reggae register.

The album “Perfect Timing” ends with the eponymous title, on a Lovers Rock riddim carried by a joyful melodies and a groovy bass. A finale in the form of a declaration of love for Reggae, this music which gave him so much and to which he gave everything.

See you on September 29, 2023 to discover “Perfect Timing”, Skarra Mucci’s new album, just before the beginning of his new European tour.