Zion Head Releases Police A Killer

Zion Head Releases Police A Killer
Zion Head Releases Police A Killer

Jonathan Holness popular known as Zion Head is a Jamaican born independent reggae music recording artist that is base in France.

Zion Head is starting to be a house hold name in Europe, and around the world as a genuine reggae music artist. His first Ep Jah Watching, as showing that he has the voice, the sound and lyrics to be come one of reggae music standout artist.

His song Show Love, from that album Jah Watching, as been featured on the Jamaican Central Express Ron Muschette 10 ten music count down cart.

Zion Head is extremely happy to announce is now first album ‘Mount Zion’ which consists twelve tracks including four collaboration with the light’s of some of reggae music icons such as Macka B, Anthony B, Yasus Afari and Stranger Miller & Cento P.

Zion Head is heading for greatness with his lyrical content and his unique style gives you a types of feeling that you just want to dance and listen to some good positive motivation. Conscious irie reggae music, in this album you will definitely fine 3 or more songs that you will fall in love with, in fact may be all the songs. Zion Head sing about education, he sing about the struggle people go through in life, he sing about going back to Israel to fine the truth, he sing about smoking weed and a lot more.

The third single from his forthcoming album will be released on 22nd of March. Entitled Police A Killer, the track is a militant big tune. Over an instrumental composed by Jeremie Clergue (Roots Attack), Zion Head accuses the police of attacking the weak instead of defending them. It’s a song that’s all too often in the news, unfortunately, when you look at the many news stories. This new track shows the quality of Zion Head’s album, due for release on 03 May.