DJ Densen and Kapital Stone feat Kheemo - Dem Vex

New Release From DJ Densen and Kapital Stone feat Kheemo – Dem Vex

DJ Densen and the Miami-based Dancehall-fusion vocalists Kapital Stone & Kheemo crafted a vibrating & encouraging song with “Dem Vex”. <./p> The Jamaican-born and bred artists stepping into the legacy of...

New Track Release From The Carey James – Prevail

“Prevail” by Jamaican Reggae singer/songwriter, The Carey James, is a commanding motivational piece that challenges people to work hard for what they want and not procrastinate. The hard hitting...
Turbulence And Reggae Vibes Music Promote Jamaica

Turbulence And Reggae Vibes Music Promote Jamaica As An Ideal Vacation Destination

After the success of the recently released For Me video, Turbulence and Reggae Vibes Music have once again joined forces on another single. The new record is dubbed Jamaica Holiday, and as the name implies...
Kensei -Sensei Riddim

New EP Release With Various Artists – Kensei / Sensei Riddim

With a 20-year-experience each in the music production, Digital Cut & Dance Soldiah are joining forces for an ambitious project entitled “Kensei/Sensei Riddim”, supported by Canna France, to be...
eesah nubian queeen

New Track Release From Eesah “Nubian Queen”

“Empress Omega, my Nubian Queen” serenades Eesah to his #1 on this Jamaican Roots Reggae love song; an ode to treating your woman like royalty. Eesah has been releasing...

New EP Release From Muflon Dub Soundsystem – In Love With Righteousness

Muflon Dub Soundsystem is a musical project from Poland, delivering positive Dub and Roots Reggae inspired sounds since early 2000s, with a modern approach, lightweight harmonies, heavy drum and...
Trinity and King Kong

New Track From Trinity “Dread Inna Babylon” Album Featuring King Kong

It is with great emotion that this opus will be released on June 11, 2021, composed, mixed and dubbed by the group ZENZILE and the producer IRIE ITES around...
Treesha Rehab

BuffBaff And Treesha Channel Rihanna With A New Interpretation Of Rehab

Germany’s BuffBaff Records have once again teamed up with musical starlet Treesha. After the success of their summer 2020 interpretation of Eternal’s hit song Angel of Mine, the team have...
Edly Shine Cloud Nine

New Track Release From Edley Shine and DJ Baby Ace Unite On The Copper...

It's blazing hot, just like the legendary artist Edley Shine amidst his "Summer Series" of new music releases! The latest song to indisputably help mold the season's music landscape...
Jah Mirikle - Principle

New Track Releases Ezy Star The Writing On The Wall And Jah Mirikle Principle

Many years since the last release on Digidub Records, and over 30 since they unleashed their unique brand of digital dubwise nonsense onto an unsuspecting public, Digidub are back...