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In these strange times consider improving your health by eating Ital food. Ital food is the diet of the Rastafari movement of Jamaica, principally based a vegetarian diet intending to improve health and energy. It is thought that being vegetarian is to be closer to the universal energy and life force and to avoid bringing death to God’s creatures.

The name Ital is derived from the English word vital. This achieves double significance by beginning with ‘I,’ which has particular significance to Rastafari as an expression (I and I) of unity with all things and by capturing the essence of the diet, which is vitality, energy, life force. Rastafarians refer to the universal energy as livity and thus Ital is intended to increase livity, thereby imbuing the diet with a spiritual significance.

The following videos and books will help in starting your journey in finding your Ital Spiritual Health.

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Ras’tafari-an Vegetarian Dinners

Jamaica’s real Rastafarian culture inspires these Ras’tafari-an Vegetarian Dinners Cookbook’s cuisines. These recipes served in ital cook shops and restaurants in Jamaica now. Phenomenon therapeutic natural cooking seasons every meal for deliciousness by using natural vegetables, herbs and spices ingredients.
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Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook

A cookbook inspired by the food of Ziggy’s upbringing in the household of Bob and Rita Marley. As the oldest son of Bob and Rita Marley, Ziggy was raised with both traditional Jamaican food and the more natural and healthy ‘ital’ food of the family’s Rastafari culture.
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Ital Rasta eCookbook

Ital Rasta eCookbook is for the beginner to the Rastafari livity. Inside this recipe book are some easy to cook Jamaican food recipes that are “Ital friendly”, among Common Ital Rasta Recipes, and some American easy to cook vegan recipes. You will enjoy flavors of the Caribbean, and America, Ital Style.
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Ital Food : Eating Rastafarian Style

Ital Food: Eating Rastafarian Style is the second book in the ‘Likkle’ Jamaican Cookbook Series. A cookbook with a difference, the approach is not academic, it’s a brief overview of the proponents of ital food (Rastafarian) along with some exciting and delicious recipes that are easy and fun to prepare.
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Ital Cookbook: Eat Healthy Muhfukka!!

I made the cookbook because cooking for me is much more than following recipes. It is more about love, being creative, visualizing your next meal, and being able to put together what you want to eat. Allowing yourself to follow your taste buds and your creativity to conjure up anything you want.


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