Redgoldgreen Presents A New Single By Pirate Of Zion feat. Attila


The second single “Master & Commander” is released which anticipates the release of the debut album of Pirate Of Zion.

The song was born during an improvisation session in search of an unusual sound that will then characterize the song: a “sharp” square wave synthesizer combined with the vocal sample extracted from a movie directed by the famous italian director Carlo Verdone that Fu-zion Amorion, member of the group, he had long dreamed to use.

To add the perfect “boost” to the sonority of the piece intervenes Attila, collaboration of the tune with his aggressive and direct musically attitude. Punchlines, sub-bass and sharp rhythms complete the sound that wants to prevail as a concept over everything and everyone.

The remix was entrusted to Dj Dubin (dj and producer of the Salento duo “Insintesi” and organizer of the “Tropical Party Salento”) and Keyeff (dj from Lecce born in 1998).

Pirate Of Zion is a project born from the collaboration of Fu-Zion Amorion and FoRLai. The result of a sound experimentation developed between Bristol and London, the comparison and cooperation turn to the search for a futuristic sound that has as its guiding thread the union of several different musical styles, but united by an electric current that produces rhythm and dance.
The sound ranges from straight black music rhythms to more contaminated European electronic rhythms.
Music is produced by both of the artists, while only Fu-zion Amorion composes the lyrics.
In a Bristol full of musical ferment, together with Ramboy and Mad Eddy (under the name of “Outta Da Yard”) they release the official remix of “Kingston Salento” by Richie Stephens and in 2019 a single (“Juggle”) with the explosive Daddy Freddy.


When you talk about Dancehall and Reggae in Italy his name immediately comes out. One of the most productive and versatile artists on the scene, Attila boasts collaborations with the greatest urban artists outside and inside the country.

Always working on new projects, his musical research is constant, between Africa and Jamaica passing through South America and the UK .

His sound is unique.


Dubin, dj and producer of the duo “Insintesi” (from Salento) and planner of “Tropical Party Salento”, has been a promoter of low frequency music for over twenty years; his DJ sets are a mix of reggae, dub, bass music and Mediterranean sounds. Dubin has released 4 albums and several singles on vinyl and remixes, “Salento in dub” is today one of the best known and most appreciated Salento albums of world music; he has important national and international collaborations with artists of the reggae, dub and electronic scene such as Dr Das (Asian Dub Foundation), Sud Sound System, Congorock, Zion Train, Papet J (Massilia Sound System), General Levy; he has also played in clubs and international music festivals in many Italian and European cities. He is currently involved in the promotion of “Plants Dub”, an innovative project with music generated by plants.………