Major Riley Anticipates Success With New Track

Major Riley - Say It Say It
Major Riley - Say It Say It

Trinidadian reggae singer Major Riley is confident that his recently released single, titled Say It Say It, will be a hit.

The song was released by Major Records in July, and since then it has enjoyed heavy rotation in various parts of the Caribbean, including Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. It is also receiving airplay in the US, Europe, England, and Africa. The video for the single premiered on the popular German reggae website on August 15.

“I’m tremendously pleased with the response that this single is receiving. It’s getting great support from DJs in various parts of the world. However, I am particularly pleased that it’s beginning to gain traction in Jamaica. I am very happy about that because Jamaica is a place that I love very much,” he said.

Major Riley said the song was inspired by his lovely wife, Trailaria Riley.

“She is such an amazing woman. I had to sing this beautiful song for her as an expression of my love for her,” said Major Riley. The hard-working entertainer is currently working on an EP that is also titled Say It Say It, which he plans to release later this year.

“So far, I’ve recorded most of the tracks. All the songs that I’ve recorded so far are very good. This is going to be an awesome project,” he said.

Major Riley hails from Sanger Grande in Trinidad and Tobago. He burst on to the music scene in his homeland in 1996 with a single titled Signs of the Times. It also did well in other parts of the Caribbean, the UK and Germany.

Major Riley has also performed all over the world alongside top dancehall, reggae and soca acts, including Shabba Ranks, Shaggy, Alison Hinds, Sizzla, Sanchez, Sean Paul and Scrunta.

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