Paradise Plum – Naomi Cowan


Naomi Cowan a former Miss Teen Jamaica has an infectious personality and has made many television and radio appearances. Naomi Cowan born in Kingston Jamaica is also a reggae singer and songwriter and has worked in the music and media industry from a very young age. Raised in the entertainment industry under the mentorship of her parents; impresario Tommy Cowan, OD (reggae music producer & former tour manager/marketing for Bob Marley) and vocalist Dr. Carlene Davis-Cowan, OD (international reggae).

Between 2012-2014, Naomi has mentored a group of teen moms in Kingston, Jamaica under her social movement brand NCouraged. Currently, She is an ambassador and mentor for the We Transform Jamaica programme. She is also a co-founder of ‘Studio Bud’ a Toronto-based social initiative established to build creative confidence in Gen-Z youth.

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The sound of Reggae is widely recognised because of its acoustically formed bass and drum downbeat, and its offbeat rhythm section. With such a diversity in style it is also considered complex enough to attract progressively minded musicians. A music that has a strong association with dance covering a variety of styles while also offering a background beat for those sharing Biblical chants of Zion. It is hard to ignore Reggae’s influence and how it interacts with our day-to-day lives. Shared as background music for films and advertising driving its heavy bass lines literally felt wherever rock and pop are played. Reggae has an affinity with mainstream British pop; recognised within the hip-hop culture and considered “cool” by those with no connection to Jamaica. As lovers of reggae my aim is to build a community of reggae followers that can share thoughts, news, events as listeners, artists, DJ’s and hosts.