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Boney Derrington - Profile
Boney Derrington - Profile
Bred in the multicultural melting pot of Flatbush, New York, Boney Derrington has been enamoured with music since he was a child.
Both parents, his Jamaican mother, and Haitian father were musically inclined. 
His mother was a gifted musical writer, while his father was a master of the guitar, they helped expose the youth to the distinctive sounds of the Caribbean; however, this was not enough to feed his musical veracity.
He ultimately followed in his father’s footsteps of playing musical instruments, learning to play string bass in 4th grade as an ode to his lifelong affair with the distinctive reverberating bass sounds of Lovers Rock and Reggae.
By age 13, he would embrace the moniker Boney D, a nickname gifted by his middle school peers. Today the man that has gone from Boney D to Boney man and then Boney Derrington, a doting father and multi-talented musician and songwriter.
Now based at his own RAOF Music LLC, a homebase for his new musical ventures, which he kicked off with his latest single, “Profile”, a witty story about a funny online dating experience, that has quickly become an ear worn online.