Million Stylez Releases His New Track Inna Di Dancehall

Million Stylez - Inna Di Dancehall

Two international veterans, both based in Sweden, get together on the new song ”Inna Di Dancehall”. The producer “Partillo”, who worked with artists such as Sean Paul, Yellowman and Chronixx. The artist Kenshin “Million Stylez” Iryo, the man behind the international mega hit ”Miss Fatty” who has also been touring the whole world for the last 15 years. The song is released by the Scandinavian reggae/dancehall label Rudeboy Records.

The music reminds us of the late 90’s and early 2000’s hard hitting dancehall drums and monotone harmony, on top of this Million Stylez addresses the topics of many of today’s dancehall lyrics.

“There is too much slackness and negativity in contemporary music in general, from hiphop, dancehall to pop. It’s all about acting stupid and doing extreme stuff like drinking til you drop, do drugs, have sex with whoever and whenever. That is what the youths are listening to today”, says Million Stylez. “I wanted to make a conscious song on a real dancehall riddim that you also can dance to, with an uplifting message without negativity, violence or degrading words about women.”