Kush McAnuff New Release Run Way Negative

Kush McAnuff New Release Run Way Negative
Kush McAnuff New Release Run Way Negative

Jamaican singer Kush McAnuff, son of the legendary Winston McAnuff, and renowned for his collaborations with the Inna De Yard collective and his band Uprising Roots, makes his return to the international music scene in 2024 with a solo project that takes us back to the founding origins of spiritual, conscious roots reggae.

Following the resounding success of his single “Kilimanjaro”, released earlier this year under the aegis of Swedish label Shiloh Ites Music, Kush McAnuff reaffirms his place on the musical landscape with “Run Way Negative”, produced by the young Parisian label Tattooin Beat.

When Emile Boudghene, founder of Tattooin Beat, returned to Paris in the summer of 2023 from a recording session in the Amazon rainforest, he was contacted by Maxime Fevre, aka “Mr Feva”. The latter suggested that he meet and collaborate with Jamaican roots reggae legends: the Inna de Yard collective, who were taking a break in Paris between two European tour dates. A studio was improvised in a secret garden in the heart of the French capital. It was here that a legendary recording session took place, bringing together a constellation of roots reggae stars: Winston McAnuff, Cedric Myton, Keith and Tex, Dwight Pinkney, Bubbla, Steve Newland, Kush McAnuff, and many more.

This unique and extraordinary experience captured the very essence of roots reggae music, with its hypnotic Nyabinghi rhythms in their purest form.

“Run Way Negative”, written and performed by Kush McAnuff, is the first jewel in this series to be unveiled to the public. The track will be available on all streaming platforms from May 3, 2024.

Enter a deep, spiritual meditation with “Run Way Negative”, where Kush McAnuff delivers a powerful message to the younger generation, inviting everyone to reconnect with their higher self and protect their divine essence to find inner peace.