Chezidek Releases His New Track Dem No Worry

Chezidek Releases His New Track Dem No Worry
Chezidek Releases His New Track Dem No Worry

Dem No Worry1st extract from CHEZIDEK’s next album produced by Irie Ites, this title is a message addressed to all people with a negative spirit, all those who criticize for free and want your money or your happiness.

Chezidek tells us not to pay attention to these bad people. It does not reach “No Worry Me”. He prefers to focus on his life, writing new songs or smoking his weed without taking care of them. In this track, CHEZIDEK gives us a life lesson to stay strong in the face of adversity.

On a digital roots instrumental version composed by the famous New Zealander NARAM, Chezidek arises wonderfully with a chorus and a melody that stays in the head. A new Hit in power from the artist who announces a solid album which will mark his career.

This single will be accompanied by its DUB version produced by Irie Ites. Finally, an excellent clip shot in Jamaica will accompany the release of this single.

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CHEZIDEK will be on tour alongside IRIE ITES fi promote the release of his brand new album “NEVER STOP” planned for April 14th !


– Saturday15 april : Brétigny-sur-Orge (91)
– Saturday 29 april : Le Mans (72)
– Sunday 30 april : Heining-lès-Bouzonville (57)
– Saturday 06 may : Angers (49)
– Sunday 07 may : Bayonne (64)

– Saturday 13 May : Bordeaux (33)

– Thursday 13 july : Chezidek & Irie Ites @ Festival à annoncer (Be)
– Friday 14 july : Chezidek & Irie Ites @ Festival à annoncer (Fr)
– Saturday 15 july : Chezidek & The Ligerians @ Festival Plein Les Watts (Ch)
– Sunday 23 july : Chezidek & Irie Ites @ Summer Vibration Festival (Fr)
– Saturday 29 july : Chezidek & Irie Ites @ Electrau’ Dub Festival (Fr)
– Thursday 10 august : Festival (Fr)

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