Johrise Jojoba Releases His New Track “Une Vie” (One Life)

Une Vie - Johrise Jojoba

With his new track “Une Vie” (One Life), Johrise Jojoba invite us to follow the idea that the share and the together living are not another time subjects, on a tune of Reggae Nu Roots.
With his atypic and sincerely voice, Jojoba want to bring us the message that we can enjoy the benefits of the life and from what surround us while remaining benevolent. 
This clip, “Une Vie“, is filmed like a short movie to show us 3 situations that we can live in our daily. 

Autor : Johrise Jojoba
Title : Une Vie (One Life)
Composed by : Mickael Morville/ Hugues Davette
Produced by : Association Project
Video realised by : Benjamin Bouton (Bokson)
Co-director : Youen Guernalec/ Bertand Fecci / Johrise Jojoba
Video editing : Bertand Fecci
Format : YouTube video
Credit photo : Youen Guernalec
Artwork : Benjamin Bouton

Johrise Jojoba is a reggae artist influenced by the roots music, ragga, hiphop and world music.
His career start in 1999 with the Hip Hop. In 2002 he start to mix 2 different style, the Reggae DanceHall and Reggae New Roots.
He is evolving on Hip Hop Music and Reggae Music. With the time, he gains stage experience and do somes first parts for artists like Pablo Moses.

Johrise Jojoba is definitly a stage artist. He love share the good vibes with his audience. During a Dj set, live band or acoustic concert.
Johrise Jojoba it’s a state of mind of positivity, simplicity and fraternity.
Bring together the people with music is his priority, themes aborded are these of the life from all days and their realitys.
After several years to work his writing and his sing, Johrise Jojoba is ready to present to you his new album on stage with a show where the smile and the sunny spirit will be the masters words.