New Album Danakil Meets ONDUBGROUND Part 2

Danakil Meets ONDUBGROUND Part 2
Danakil Meets ONDUBGROUND Part 2

When Danakil meets ONDUBGROUND, something happens!

The first collaboration in 2017 surprised many fans of the two collectives, who widely acclaimed the project and making this album one of the most streamed releases on Baco Records!

The recipe is simple: starting from the original tracks of the album‚ “Rien ne se tait” released in September 2021, ONDUBGROUND deconstructs and presents ultra spicy dub versions, with electronic and bass music touch.

When the music is finished, the two crews call upon many MCs to take over the original tracks of Danakil, and bringing their voices, their texts and their creativity!

On this second opus, the casting is spectacular. Going from the biggest Jamaican toasters like Bounty Killer, Jah Mason, Skarra Mucci and Omar Perry, to the promising young shoots of the international underground (Twan Tee, Andreia), while passing by the tenors of the UK scene: General Levy, Charlie P, etc.

This new collaboration of the two collectives is a concentrate of supercharged energy, whose first extracts were unveiled during the summer. And as in each of their projects, Danakil brings their militant values to the top. This time the band has chosen to release the album first exclusively in independent record shops from November 18th. It will then be available on all streaming platforms and everywhere else starting from December 9th.