Faygo Blooming Part Two

Faygo Blooming Part Two
Faygo Blooming Part Two

Summer 2022 has been synonymous with fun for the Faygo Group. His fine tour of 25 dates in Brittany, marked by a visit to the No Logo BZH festival and the Tomahawk Festival, made it possible to show the public’s interest in Blooming #1. This first born of the trilogy has proven the maturity of the group and has found its place through the generations who have welcomed it with enthusiasm and sincerity.

For this second volume of the BLOOMING album, also composed of 4 titles, 1 revisited title and 3 dubs, Faygo blossoms a little more and reveals new facets through three different feathers. Always with the aim of incorporating the wider range of musical influences of each member of the group.The collective compositions, carried by the various authors, also strive to maintain harmony, continuity and overall coherence with the first opus. The brass section and the choirs are also renewed in order to maintain this coherence in the musical color of the whole.

Basically, the red thread of this BLOOMINGis undoubtedly the commitment to a return to basics, by questioning ourselves on what is good for humanity while acting to preserve our environment and our planet. Themes that are dear to the values of Reggae, which are unfortunately still relevant and which, more than ever, need to be reaffirmed.

The Thailand tour carried out in spring 2020 will once again be anchored in BLOOMING #2with the participation of Masia One. The group met twice this Singaporean artist with hip-hop / reggae / dub influences during their Thai tour. Since these meetings, a regular exchange has been set up and has allowed the production of different collaborative pieces.

Music composed & arranged by Faygo

Lyrics written by Romain Macé (A1,A2,A3, B2), Sébastien Gamarde (A3), Théo Morin (A4),Masia Lim «One» (A2), El Hajjam Kenza (B2), Sonji Spurgeon (B2), Laude Ludivine(B2), Laina Fischbeck (B2).Horns arrangements by Alexandre Bon, Louri Derrien, Lucas Pinabel & Jean-Baptiste HueberTrumpet additionnal : Arnaud Lecrivain

Horns arrangements by Alexandre Bon, LouriDerrien, Lucas Pinabel & Jean-Baptiste Hueber

Track Listing

Side A

1 -Reggae Music

2 -For A Moment (feat. Masia One)

3 -What A World

4 -She Loves Us All

Side B

1 -What a Dub

2 -All I Want (Faygo xZe Witches)

3 -She Loves The Dub

4 -Reggae Music Horn Version-Dub ‘A Lanta



FAYGOis a reggae band from Rennes in Brittany composed of 9 musicians.
Faygois a call to share, to open-mindedness and to travel and revisits the genre with a fresh look.
Since 2014, the group has been traveling the roads of France to meet an ever-growing audience, delivering more than a hundred incandescent live performances.
Fan of Reggae Roots and Dub, and as much influenced by Groundation, The Gladiators, and more generally by the Jamaican trios of the 70’s, as by more modern groups like Katchafire, Fat Freddy’s Drop or Sebastian Sturm, Faygo draws in his reggae touches of jazz, afrobeat, blues and funk. So many styles that have built each member of the group.

Band Members

Romain «Roots» Macé :lead vocal
Sebastien «See G» Gamarde :guitarrythmic
Cédric «Cid» Giscos :guitar
Antoine «twan’an» Carfantan :keyboards
Jean-Baptiste «Cody Jahrett» Hueber :bassguitar
Théo «Marcelo» Morin :drums & percussions
Alexandre Bon : trombon
Lucas Pinabel : alto & baryton saxophon
Louri Derien : trumpet