Faygo and Tomawok And Release New Track Criminal

Faygo and Tomawok And Release New Track Criminal
Faygo and Tomawok And Release New Track Criminal

Are you ready for a video clip that will make you laugh out loud, think and even make you want to plant tomatoes? Reggae group Faygo and artist Tomawok (yes, the same one who performs magic tricks with hemp leaves) have released a true gem of culture called “Criminal.”

Their collaboration is amazing, it adds a touch of magic to Faygo’s already delicious music. This track was successfully performed live at the No Logo Bzh festival in 2022, and the two artists even had the opportunity to share the stage in Bangkok in 2020.
In this video, we follow microscopic characters who lovingly grow tomatoes, but are attacked by the police (or rather, insects that represent them). It’s a real call to arms against the absurdity of prohibition, which is denounced in a burlesque and offbeat style.

So, ready to see things from a different angle and laugh while thinking about prohibition? Watch “Criminal” now!
And don’t forget to plant tomatoes, it’s good for your health!

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