Faygo Blooming Part One

Faygo Blooming Part One
Faygo Blooming Part One

For this first opus of the next triptych named Blooming, Faygo changes its angle of reflection and comes back with an even more rootsy sound and more coloured by global influences. The band also decides to integrate the range of musical influences of each of its members.Themes such as unity, sharing, philosophy, altruism, are in line with the first two opuses.

Their last tour in Thailand leaves an empirical legacy in the new creations: the cohesion of the group is at its peak, this feeling is omnipresent in the new songs and ensure thrills.The way of working differs this time by the integration of the brass section from the creation of the titles, as well as in the taking of individual initiative in the proposals, which once adopted, are discussed and enriched in the form of a collective participation. Blooming part one announces itself as the opening of a trilogy that will make you appreciate the evolution of their development.

Music composed & arranged by Faygo

Lyrics written by Cédric Giscos (1), Jibé Hueber (2, 4), Romain Macé (1, 2, 3), Tomawok (2)

Horns arrangements by Alexandre Bon, LouriDerrien, Lucas Pinabel & Jean-Baptiste Hueber

Track Listing

Side A

1 -Never Forget

2 –Criminal(Feat. Tomawok)

3 –Lanta

4 -You’re Not Alone

Side B

1 -Criminal Version

2 -Dub Not Alone

3 -Never Forget Your Horns

4 -Dub ‘A Lanta

-Dub ‘A Lanta


FAYGOis a reggae band from Rennes in Brittany composed of 9 musicians.
Faygois a call to share, to open-mindedness and to travel and revisits the genre with a fresh look.
Since 2014, the group has been traveling the roads of France to meet an ever-growing audience, delivering more than a hundred incandescent live performances.
Fan of Reggae Roots and Dub, and as much influenced by Groundation, The Gladiators, and more generally by the Jamaican trios of the 70’s, as by more modern groups like Katchafire, Fat Freddy’s Drop or Sebastian Sturm, Faygo draws in his reggae touches of jazz, afrobeat, blues and funk. So many styles that have built each member of the group.

Band Members

Romain «Roots» Macé :lead vocal
Sebastien «See G» Gamarde :guitarrythmic
Cédric «Cid» Giscos :guitar
Antoine «twan’an» Carfantan :keyboards
Jean-Baptiste «Cody Jahrett» Hueber :bassguitar
Théo «Marcelo» Morin :drums & percussions
Alexandre Bon : trombon
Lucas Pinabel : alto & baryton saxophon
Louri Derien : trumpet