Corden Barrett Releases “How Long Will You Stay Away”

Corden Barrett Releases “How Long Will You Stay Away”
Corden Barrett Releases “How Long Will You Stay Away”

Recording artiste Corden Barrett has a fresh song on the airwaves, titled “How Long Will You Stay Away” Produced by his own Heavyunit Productions label, the track was officially released on October 16, 2023.

“It’s a love song about a guy missing the love of his life who had walked away from their relationship. He is crying out for her to come home, while reminiscing on when they were together and now he’s asking how she will stay away. In essence it can apply to anyone missing someone,” the artiste explained.

Expressing many emotions, the song tells a captivating story while showcasing the artiste’s voice in a beautiful way. The project was a years-long process that fans can now enjoy.

“Years ago, while living in Jamaica, I was building beats for another producer, Ariff Butler from Bloozik Music, and while making a specific beat, he suggested I write a song to the beat and record it. I did it but the project didn’t go far so forward to the present, I decided to relaunch the song and here we are today,” the artiste elaborated.

Touted as a hit, the song has reached the ears of many people who have been giving it great feedback and love. 

“My hope is that the song becomes a big hit around the world. I know most, if not everyone, can relate to the storyline. So as I make my mark in the music industry, this is one of the songs people will remember,” the artiste expressed.

As a musician, Corden Barrett wears many hats, mastering his main instruments, the keyboard and saxophone, as well as acting as a vocal coach, music teacher, songwriter, music producer and arranger. In addition to owning his label, he is also the owner of Heavyunit Apparel.

Most recently, he released an instrumental song, “North Coast.” He also released the Retro Vybz Riddim, which features three artistes – Hazard Poshgad, Singdi and Barrett himself. Other projects he’s done include “Ghetto Life” and True Story” by Mxdical, “Busy Busy (God Is All Around)” by Terri Ann Johnson and “Under The Groove (wine up you body)” by D.A.J. 

Expect more projects and collaborations in the near future.

“I have a number of projects in the pipeline so I will just be putting in the work and aim towards success. I always say the sky is just the beginning,” the artiste stated.

“How Long Will You Stay Away” is currently available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms.