Producers Link Up For ‘Sci-Fi’ Riddim Including Anthony Red Rose

Producers Link Up For ‘Sci-Fi’ Riddim Including Anthony Red Rose
Producers Link Up For ‘Sci-Fi’ Riddim Including Anthony Red Rose

Recording artiste Anthony Red Rose is back in the producer’s seat and has teamed up with producer Raggedy Joe on the ‘Sci-Fi’ rhythm which was officially released on September 16.

“This riddim has a Latin and dancehall feel. It’s happy music and that is what the world needs today, so we’re working on songs to make people happy and this project is a part of it,” Anthony Red Rose explained. The project features talented acts, such as Capleton, Hawkeye, Tanto Metro and Devonte, and Anthony Red Rose himself.

“These are songs that fit multiple occasions, songs you can exercise to, songs you can play in your car while driving. When you hear it on the radio, it brings out the best in you, just good-quality music,” he added.

Initially starting with the track by Little Robert, the producers were inspired to continue working with other artistes on the rhythm.

“My hope for this project is to see the songs on Billboard charts because the riddim has an international appeal. To hear the songs playing all over the world, not only Jamaica, is the ultimate goal for me. Only the best is good enough,” Anthony Red Rose said.

Both producers have worked together on other projects and Anthony Red Rose said that more projects are in the pipeline for both labels.

“We’re working together on a whole bunch of stuff, have a lot of different jugglings coming out and lots of new collaborations in the making. We’re just focusing on making good, quality music that can be played among people of all ages,” he said.

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