New Release Police In Helicopter Chassy Remix Dubinator Featuring Seanie T

Helicopter Chassy Remix Dubinator
Helicopter Chassy Remix Dubinator

“Police in Helicopter” (Remixes) with its enigmatic references, cool codes and mysterious link to the REALITY. “Police in Helicopter” –

DUBINATOR…: revisiting John Holt’s 1982 classic protest song about Operation Buccaneer, a U.S. taxpayer funded plan launched in 1974 by Nixon (and continued in the 80s by Reagan) to have the Jamaican military and police eradicate the plant from the island by burning up the fields. In the 1989s, the government backed corporate sugar industry made many small farmers in Jamaica turn to growing marijuana, so when the ganja fields were burned, they threatened to retaliate by burning the sugar cane.

Millions of dollars spent year after year to wipe out what now is a legalized “billions of dollars a year” industry spanning both countries. The legal cannabis market is largely dominated by corporate interests and has shut out those who struggled as advocates for the practical and medicinal properties. Meanwhile many are still locked up in prison for marijuana related convictions.

A sound manifesto of REMIXES – the missing link between Dub, New Age Dread-Tech, Drum N Bass and Science-Fiction = Dub Surrealistic !