Gaffa Blue Presents “Warrior” By Ashton Russell A Reggae Anthem with a Timeless Twist

Gaffa Blue Presents “Warrior
Gaffa Blue Presents “Warrior" By Ashton Russell A Reggae Anthem with a Timeless Twist

The reggae world is about to experience a resurgence of epic proportions with Ashton Russell’s latest single, “Warrior.” Paying homage to the classic reggae hit “Warrior Charge” by ASWAD, released in 1980, this new anthem  is filled with passion, rhythm, and soul-stirring vibes, Prepare to embark on a musical journey as Ashton Russell  unveils his latest reggae single, “Warrior.”

This infectious anthem is poised to conquer the airwaves and captivate the hearts of reggae enthusiasts worldwide with the power of the human spirit. This is a song that transcends genres and resonates with listeners of all backgrounds.

The incorporation of ASWAD’s “Warrior Charge” sample that has been re-played  and adds a layer of authenticity to “Warrior,” connecting the past with the present and reminding us of reggae’s enduring legacy. as well as those seeking the latest musical evolution.

The infectious melodies and catchy hooks of “Warrior” are sure to leave you humming long after the music stops. The uplifting lyrics, combined with Ashton Russell’s soulful vocals, paint a vivid picture of resilience.

“Warrior” is not just a song; it’s a statement. Radiating positivity & strength the track is a testament to the enduring spirit of reggae music, blending powerful lyrics with a distinctive reggae groove seamlessly mesmerizing and blending the iconic vibes of ASWAD’s “Warrior Charge” dub instrumental, remade  with Ashton Russell’s fresh and contemporary approach.

The result is a reggae masterpiece that not only pays tribute to the roots of the genre but also propels it into the future.

Just get ready to immerse yourself in the reggae revival with Ashton Russell “Warrior.”

It’s a powerful, soul-stirring, and timeless reggae anthem that bridges the past and present, ensuring reggae’s enduring influence on generations to come.

This single is a celebration of unity, strength, and empowerment with the unbreakable spirit of warriors everywhere.



“WARRIOR by Ashton Russell – Gaffa Blue