Reality Shock Records Announces The Release Of A Brand New Album From Indra Entitled Kingdom Call

A Brand New album From Indra Entitled Kingdom Call
A Brand New album From Indra Entitled Kingdom Call

Indra is an award winning singer/songwriter of indigenous Kalinago heritage, hailing from the Caribbean Island of Barbados. Mentored from an early age by Eddy Grant, Indra became a prolific songwriter, vocal coach & backing vocalist for many top artists in the Caribbean music industry.

Indra has travelled the world and lived in Jamaica for a time, writing songs for artists such as Mr Vegas & recording with producers Mikey Bennett and Rory Stone Love with whom she also has an album forthcoming.

Her music features regularly on David Rodigan’s BBC Radio show in the UK and CBC Television in the Caribbean. In 2021 Indra travelled to England where she began working with producer Kris Kemist of Reality Shock Records, laying the groundwork for the album Kingdom Call.

Regardless of the genre Indra’s music has always been message driven, so the collaboration with Reality Shock (a label well known for message music) was a perfect match. In 2021 the EP Wake Up Call was released, followed by the singles Shine On You and Plant Up The Land in 2022, all of which feature on the 12 track album Kingdom Call, out 17th February 2023.

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Kingdom Call offers balance of reggae and acoustic roots. High grade message music with a tropical touch..soothing, healing & refreshing. Live drums and instrumentation, brass sections and string quartets all compliment Indra’s sweet & soulful vocals. In a world of fast food music, Kingdom Call is a veritable organic, wholesome and nourishing musical feast.Indra is a truly authentic and unique artist.

Whether it’s acoustic roots, soul or reggae, Indra brings forth music with a message. Songs for the times and the ones to come.

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