Vyzadon Shines Light On ‘Trench Town’


Like many youths from inner-city communities, Trench Town-born Vyzadon has turned to music as his ‘voice of reason’.

His latest single, Trench Town, embraces the richness of reggae music through icons from the community who excelled, while shining light on the socio-economical issues citizens in the community face.

“I grew up seeing the influence of reggae giants on my community and was driven by the impact they created but I was never blinded by the struggles my family and those around me faced over the years,” said Vyzadon.

Trench Town, which has been riddled with crime for some time, has been labelled as a ‘no-go zone’ to the detriment of several tour guides and business owners within the community. Vyzadon shared, “During the month of February (Reggae Month/Black History Month), Government and other officials embrace the community and position their messages to the press of Trench Town being an oasis for reggae, which is true. On the other hand, it can also be a nightmare for some. What we would like to see are more training facilities and opportunities, job creation for youths, and stronger tactics to fight crime and violence.”

Trench Town, produced by Echo One Production, even caught the attention of the organisers of Bob Marley’s 76th virtual birthday event.

“Bob Marley taught us that music with a strong message can live on forever, and I believe that this single and its significance will have longevity,” said Vyzadon.

The video for the single was recently shot at Culture Yard and along Fourth Street in Trench Town.

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