Keishera Release Her New Single Mr Right

Keishera Release Her New Single Mr Right
Keishera Release Her New Single Mr Right

Singer songwriter Keishera is set to release her new single “Mr Right”  on October 7th, 2022. Keishera describes her music as mash up of her roots and culture.

Born in Jamaica and raised in US, her branches have stretched even further to Germany, where she made the connection with musicians from the Evolution band, specifically Giuseppe Coppola, whom, with the help of his team, composed the music of “Mr. Right”. Her raspy alto tones will draw you in to her sultry innuendos and sexy tone. Keishera pens all her songs which, as she put it, ” its life imitating art”.

The song “Mr. Right” looks pass the superficiality and focuses on character. Like a man’s thoughtfulness, willingness to lead and be vulnerable at the same time. I realize that I want a man who is courageous, genuine, loving, caring , compassionate and consistent to himself, to me, his family and community. I am ready for the things that comes with partnership in a loving sound way, that exhibits vitality of mind body and spirit. So I am calling: Manifesting my Mr. Right into my life. Ultimately I feel everyone can relate to this song. I believe it’s about being intentional.

Interns of putting lyric to music, it was a pleasure creating with producer Giuseppe ( Flash ) Coppola whom I have worked with on several occasions, I had written this song some years back, so while we were on a music residency in China, we came up with the concept for the music pre pandemic, and would perform it live. Then, during the pandemic, while I was back in NYC and he in Germany, I sent him the vocal stems and he produced the music mix and mastered it. I’m so grateful for our partnership.

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