TriXstar Set To Release her latest single “Body Queen”

TriXstar Set To Release her latest single "Body Queen"
TriXstar Set To Release her latest single "Body Queen"

Reggae artist TriXstar is set to release her latest single “Body Queen” this Friday. The song is a vibrant and uplifting dancehall anthem celebrating body positivity and female empowerment.

In “Body Queen,” TriXstar sends a powerful message about embracing one’s own unique beauty and challenges the unrealistic beauty standards set by the industry. With lyrics like “No matter if you fluffy, skinny, fat, flat or between that, you are a goddess and a warrior your scars prove that,” TriXstar encourages listeners to love and celebrate their bodies exactly as they are.

The song also takes aim at the beauty industry’s tendency to profit from creating and exploiting insecurities, with lyrics such as “They make money out of them created insecurity, while you’re hunting for the impossible fake beauty.“

The song is an infectious and empowering track that will surely inspire listeners to live up to their full potential, to love and appreciate their bodies, and reject society’s narrow standards of physical attractiveness. TriXstar’s signature style is present in the catchy hook on an upbeat rhythm with powerful lyrics that are both inspiring and thought-provoking.

“Body Queen” is a song that is sure to leave a lasting impact on the listeners. With her latest release, TriXstar proves herself once again to be a voice of positivity and change. Don’t miss out on the release of “Body Queen” this Friday. Get ready to let loose and celebrate your body as the queen that you are!