Mystical Faya Fourth Studio Album Brighter Days 

Mystical Faya Fourth Studio Album Brighter Days
Mystical Faya Fourth Studio Album Brighter Days

Four years after their last offering Born Again, Mystical Faya is back with his fourth studio album Brighter Days available on May 12, 2023. This musical journey brings us towards new destinations inspired by pop, rock or dub music. The unique flavour of Mystical Faya’s compositions are a strength for this band which has been active for more than ten years on the French reggae scene.

This 14 tracks album has been recorded in live studio and was born with a close collaboration between the six band members. The album is about brighter days ahead for all victims and oppressed people, but also about conflicts and violence we are all getting through. Take our responsibilities, don’t give up the fight and build a better world together as one.

The album’s debut single Crying was out on July, 2022 and is a message that reminds us that there is no gender for showing our emotions and our sensitivity. This song is based on a groove inspired by the legendary Wailers with a melody mixing soul, pop and gospel. 
Last fall, they released the surprising second single « Cut Your Ties » with an excellent video clip and a composition mixing UK dub stepper, metal and electro influences. This song is about emancipation: you can be the master of your life. Time Has Come, mixing a pop melody and a great reggae groove, is a song about ecology and reminds us that we need a real change to make the world a better place.

With more than 600 concerts in Europe, Mystical Faya toured in great festivals such as Montreux Jazz Festival, Reggae Sun Ska, No Logo Festival, Summer Vibration Festival as well as famous venues.