Roots Sound, Deep Dub Beats From Tooth Of A Lion New EP Sonne Von Unten 

Tooth Of A Lion New EP Sonne Von Unten 
Tooth Of A Lion New EP Sonne Von Unten 

Tooth of a Lion – Roots sound, deep dub beats, pumping steppers grooves, easy shuffle skanks and lot of delays – the Berlin based band Tooth of a Lion pays tribute to the roots of Jamaican reggae and gives it their own touch.

One of the connections between then and now is the orphic voice of the singer asking:

– What about human lives in the perspective of the universe?
– What about the hatred in your neighbourhood and in your own heart?
– How many BitCouns you have to give the beggar on the corner?
– What size is your carbon footprint?

Tooth of a Lion will take you on a journey and don’t leave you alone with these questions.

Sonne von unten – The debut EP from the Berlin based band brings reggae with poetry. The foundation are one drop and steppers groves, trying to find the borders of slowness, a full offbeat sound from the two keyboard players and the singer, who’s talking about big topics like Love, Hate and Eternity in the songs.

Listening Recommendation 1: Kaun Kaun Kaun – a contemplation about shredding cookies and worlds.
Listening Recommendation 1: Tooth of a Lion; the song – an easy offbeat anthem about the power of renewal.