Supa Dupa Vol 3

A new era is opening in the world of French-speaking reggae dancehall in spring 2021, with the emergence of the explosive “Supa Dupa” project. Original combo formed by the French Puppa Dready (selector / beatmaker) and Deewaï (deejay / toaster), it is in a style very largely borrowed from the digital reggae of the 90’s that the two accomplices passionate about Jamais music chose to direct this production, atypical in its releasing format.

Because it is a trilogy that it is! The first two sections are available on cd and digital on all platforms, while the last volume will be downloadable for free only via bandcamp. The icing on the cake, 3 limited edition 7 inch vinyls (500 copies) complete the device – a relatively unheard of occurrence in recent years in this musical field. We will obviously note the presence on the 1st disc of the song “One Spliff A Day“, released very recently and acclaimed by the critics.

An artist with both technical and melodious phrasing, brought up in the school of sound systems, Deewaï finally develops the extent of his MC faculties on record and signs an explosive triptych, faithful to the spirit of the first resourceful raggamuffins. From rub-a-dub to ragga hip-hop, through dancehall or even ragga jungle, the original tracks mix with the remixes for an unexpected and truly refreshing result.
Supa Dupa“: understand “super cool” or “super cool”! Meticulous productions, daring scratches, efficient artworking, quality guests (Tomawok, Rubben, King Toppa, Lord Lyta, Dj Kafra …): all the ingredients are there to make these 3 opus a must-see for this year 2021.

Positively engaged in the reality of their time, Deewaï and Puppa Dready deploy their art and their arsenal even under covid restrictions, to the delight of our ears!
Support your local artists and run di track, adequate lyrics !!

Tracklisting Vol. 3:
– Respect (Numa Crew & Kilah’s Army – We Nuh Tek Talk Riddim)
02 – Qui Vivra Verra (Conquerer Riddim – House Of Riddims)
03 – Pas Le Temps (Ma Tête Et Mon Son Riddim – Apollo J)
04 – Appel à L’Aide (La Monnaie Riddim – Nèg’Marrons)
05 – Kokane (Lord Lyta – Belly Dancer Riddim)
06 – Ride Di Riddim (Dreadsquad – Friend Ennemy Riddim)
07 – Hardtime Refix feat. Dj CLB (Jump Drive Riddim – Kirkledove)
08 – Sound System (Betabass Refix – Marcus Visionnary Riddim)
09 – Everliving Father feat. Don Goliath (Don Goliath)
10 – Le Bilan

Title : Supa Dupa Volume 3 (Bonus) – free download
Artistes : Puppa Dready X Deewaï
Release date : 04/23/2021
Recorded, mixed & arranged by Puppa Dready @ Upstairs Studio
Mastering: Olivier « Mac Ben » (Studio A La Ferme)
Production: Deewaï
Label: Autoproduction
Digital distribution: Inouïe Distribution
Format: free download
Infographie: Julien Grelet
Production & Booking :
Promotion : Musical Impact