Megumi Mesaku Releases New Album Featuring Mafia And Fluxy “Saxy Cool Ruler” Tribute To Gregory Isaacs


Released in October 2020, this great album is available on digital format. Discover or rediscover this musical pearl resulting from the collaboration between the famous duo of composers Mafia & Fluxy and the talented saxophonist Megumi Mesaku. The album is a tribute to the great artist Gregory Isaacs who marked the history of reggae. Composed of 12 tracks, this album is full of “classics tunes” such as “Cool Down The Pace“, “Front Door“, “Night Nurse“, “Number One“, “Slave Master“, “Top Ten” and many more. others !! An album to discover urgently for all fans of the late Gregroy Isaacs and for all saxophone fans !!

Track Listing : 
01 – Cool Down The Pace
02 – Front Door
03 – Love Is Overdue
04 – Lovers Magic
05 – My Only Lover
06 – Night Nurse
07 – Number One
08 – Permanent Lover
09 – Slave Master
10 – Soon Forward
11 – Sun Shines For Me
12 – Top Ten

Available on digital format ! 
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