Samora Releases Her New Track Jah Inna Mi Life


Samora’s new song Jah Inna Mi Life takes you on a journey back to soulful, dreamy and dubby Roots Reggae. Once again the young Surinam-born singer comes with a very personal and spiritual message.

Singing Woke up with a smile because I’m breathing – give thanks fi life she thanks the Most High for allowing her to be alive and to experience this adventure here on earth. In other words, Samora delivers a beautiful ode to life itself, expressing her gratitude for the existence. As challenging as it can be at times, life is a beautiful adventure we should all appreciate – whatever or whomever we believe in. Give it up for life.

Jah Inna Mi Life is produced and mixed by Res Staudenmann and Kiro MusicMaker (Ludovic Hoarau) and mastered by Oli Bösch.