Skystar Drops “Split Bounce” Song For The Ladies

Skystar - Split Bounce
Skystar - Split Bounce

Dancehall artiste Skystar has a new high energy song fit for the ladies, aptly titled “Split Bounce.” Produced by Diet Monkey Entertainment, the track is featured on the A2O Riddim.

“‘Split Bounce’ is the title of my track which is creating waves around the world already; the ladies love it. I want to say thanks to Dash Radio’s Kaliente Girls in LA, the Jamaican radio stations and even selectors who are banging the song,” the artiste expressed.

The riddim, which features other acts such as Izrel Di Cotton Pikka, Ras Ajai, Gyal Ediot, JStvrr and Snipa Wizdom, was officially released on October 15 and has since been creating waves on the music scene. The official music video for “Split Bounce”, which was released on October 28, has already amassed over 58,000 views on YouTube and is getting rave reviews from listeners everywhere.

“This track is getting the same great feedback as my previous girls’ song “Rotate.” The video views are growing rapidly,” the artiste stated, adding, “my hope for this song is that it will break every barrier and reach places that I’ve always dreamt of; in God we trust.” 

Currently based in Canada, Skystar is a member of the Farrin Badniss Camp, which comprises a host of talented Dancehall artistes. His career over the years has seen him presenting his versatility to the masses through catchy lyrics and infectious beats.

“My music is 100% Dancehall. What makes me stand out as an artiste are my delivery, as well as the current waves and the movement of Farrin Badniss,” he highlighted.

Known for past releases such as “Again”, “Luv U Money”, “35 To Life”, “Picollo” and “Top Life”, expect more high quality hits from the artiste in the near future.

“I’m always working and always dropping songs that make a lot of sense and are relatable. I’m doing shows and videos, revamping my image and boosting my marketing.There’s lots more in store; I have upcoming projects with my label Corner Trendz, a collaboration with Shane O coming soon and much more,” the artiste revealed.

“Split Bounce” is currently available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms online.

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