It’s Official The Video For Turbulence’s Most Requested Song “For Me” Is Out Now!


On Friday, May 7th, the long awaited visuals for Turbulence‘s “For Me” premiered on Reggaeville’s YouTube channel. Although the song, which was produced by Reggae Vibes Music approximately six years ago is just now getting a video, it was surely worth the wait.

In a sentence: the visuals are stunning! Kudos to the director Mario Allen of Lone Wolf Filmz, who captured most of the scenes at Hope Botanical Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica last month. See below a full statement from him regarding the inspiration behind the video, as well as details on what had to be put in place to realize the vision.

“I’ve done over a 100 videos, and I can tell you I hold this one dear to my heart. The message of the song hooked me and sparked ideas from the stars. This song isn’t just the ordinary love song, it’s magic, so I knew I had to make this production stand out. 

The lyrics pulled on a lot emotion, so I created a narrative treatment with a couple struggling to hold on to their light, facing adversity, using flashbacks, contrasting to the present where they are eloping and expressing their love in the Chinese Garden(Hope Gardens).

Our main leads were Abraham Gardener and Aliyah Williams who embodied their characters with flawless chemistry.

The location for Turbulence performances were key to ensure the visuals and backgrounds feel unfamiliar as well as entertaining, that’s why we chose to shoot at the Chinese Gardens. The plan was geared towards letting the audience see Turbulence in a different world, some where out of Jamaica.

The cloud performance scene was quite literally inspired by the chorus “written in the stars…” Man when I heard that part I had goosebumps. However, this could never have come to life without the aid of my producer Sharisa “SharTheFoodie” Simpson and my grip Alulla “Iboola” Tingling, who I entrusted my vision to create a room full of floating clouds emitting lights and it came out even greater than envisioned. 

It is fulfilling to see how the entire production turned out and it was an honor directing this one. Working with Reggae Vibes Music and Turbulence has been an inspiring experience along my filmmaking journey and another frame to my collection.”