Reggae Daredevil Jah Patriot Releases a New Track Oh Gosh


If the name Captain Kirk rings a bell, then maybe, just maybe, you are already in on Reggae music’s best-kept secret.

Now known as Jah Patriot, the 3-decade veteran has seen many transitions in music, and his career is no exception.

Born and raised as Denver Williams in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, he has been considered a musical daredevil from birth and has used his heightened sense of sound to carve out a niche for himself in Reggae, starting as Captain Kirk in the late ’80s he became a staple act in the Reggae’s east coast circuit by the mid-’90s and along the way graced the stage with some of Reggae’s best.

His recording works have remained a touch of class, with his 2019 Album “Blind Justice” hitting the Itunes Top40 Album charts in the US and Zimbabwe, and organically found its way into the ears and hearts of far-flung fans across Central America, the eastern Caribbean, Malaysia, and Western Africa.

Solidly supported by a diehard fanbase and dedicated social tastemakers over the last 3 decades, his highly anticipated release, “Oh Gosh” can already be considered a runaway hit, with the sultry single grabbing the coveted Spotify Reggae Release radar in its first weekend of release, and its virality on Tik Tok and Youtube, generated over 12,000 combined streams in the first 10 days

The organic debut of the single “Oh Gosh” on Abuja Radio in Nigeria by DJ Murphy Dread and in Australia by DJ Wade, signals what’s to come with Jah Patriot’s upcoming release “Vinyl Sounds” on March 31st, 2021 by United Masters.

The 3 track release will be distributed on all digital platforms by United Masters on Jah Patriot’s newly minted Reggae Capital Imprint, and features remastered cuts from the critically acclaimed “Blind Justice” Album.

Recently celebrating his 52nd birthday, Jah Patriot is a popular par in the Reggae Clubhouse circuit and is an active member of its vibrant ReggaeCaresJa Community, and when time avails he can be found sharing knowledge with some of Reggae’s future stars in the popular virtual space.

The best-kept secret in Reggae is out, and now you know.