Listen To 12 & 1/2 Riddim Produced Z2DiZ Music label

12 & 1/2 Riddim Produced Z2DiZ Music label
12 & 1/2 Riddim Produced Z2DiZ Music label

“12 & 1/2 Riddim” is the sixth one riddim project produced by the Z2DiZ Music label. The instrumental was created by JEH JEH from the ROOTS ATTACK label.

The famous Macka B and Jamaican artist Emanuel Kadamawi have collaborated for the third time on the label’s one riddim. Zion Head, creator of the label but also artist, obviously participates with his group of friends and artist Ilive Dappamann, Cento P, Run JA Boss K.A in all projects since their creations.

Jamaican artist Smokey is also collaborating for the second time and the label welcomes new artists to this project: the very recognized Soom T with her unique voice timbre brings a touch of femininity to the project, and the great man Daniel Brown realizing his dream to record a song for the first time in his life.

An album like all the previous ones composed of conscious lyrics on an air of roots reggae.