New Track and Video From Veteran KashieF Lindo “Maybe”

New Track and Video From Veteran KashieF Lindo "Maybe"
New Track and Video From Veteran KashieF Lindo "Maybe"

KashieF Lindo – the son of legendary multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Willie Lindo, and an accomplished recording artist and composer in his own right – has just released a stunning new song and video titled Maybe

The record tackles the often ignored subject of fear of commitment, especially when engaged in an intimate relationship. KashieF uses his distinctive high-pitched singing style to tell the story of a man who questions why he is so scared to fall in love while simultaneously acknowledging that he is in love. 

Maybe was produced by Willie Lindo, who is credited for the acoustic and rhythm guitars on the track. KashieF, for his part, did the drum programming, and in addition to singing the lead, he also sang the background vocals. The bass, piano, and keyboards were added by Robbie Lyn, and it was mixed by Garfield McDonaldMaybe was written by both KashieF and Willie Lindo.

Regarding the visuals, videographer Errol Lyons did an incredible job with the official music video, which superbly adds images and movements to KashieF‘s words. Maybe went live on streaming platforms on March 8th, and as such, can now be streamed and/or downloaded from all digital music stores. It is on the HeavyBeat Records label.