Giallo Man and G Ras Release Their New Track Signs

Giallo Man G Ras

The paths of the two artists came together in 2016 in Kingston, Jamaica. Giallo Man, busy registering new riddims with the Firehouse Crew, met G Ras and Livity Warrior crew at the place where he was staying.

They felt the connection at once, and he also joined a mission of theirs: to paint a motivational Rasta picture together with the local kids on a large wall inside HELP Jamaica! Center, an after-school facility in Cassava Piece, as can be seen in the music video.

The idea for the song was born during a recording session sometime later while talking about an experience they had in common, a “sign”: the vision of a rainbow of extraordinary beauty seen by Giallo Man visiting the Blue Nile Springs waterfalls in Ethiopia and the one seen respectively by G Ras during a walk in a forest in Hungary with his friend Fari Shanti (Livity Warrior), after his first trip to Jamaica. The rainbow thus becomes a symbol of the importance of awareness in these crucial times and also of unity and togetherness, being capable of instilling peace in souls and spreading positivity.

The single will be featured in both of the upcoming albums of the two artists: “Bonfyah”, the title of the work of Giallo Man, and “Book Of Noah” that of G Ras, a concept album of 7 songs representing the seven laws of Noah (basic guidelines for all human beings) of the Old Testament and the seven chakras of the Vedic tradition at the same time. Noah is also the name of G Ras’ son born in 2020.

Special Thanks and Bigup to Hilmar ‘Hille’ Keding and the entire HELP Jamaica! e.V. Team