Listen Up New Album Release From Mark Wonder – Reflections of the Dragon Slayer

Mark Wonder - Reflections of the Dragon Slayer
Mark Wonder - Reflections of the Dragon Slayer

“Reflections of the Dragon Slayer” is the culmination of his Dragon Slayer trilogy, which began in 2017 with “Dragon Slayer” (Irie Ites, Fr.) and continued in 2020 with “Remz of the Dragon Slayer” (Oneness Records, Ger.). Now, another three years later, Kingston meets Berlin. Produced by Jon Moon and mastered by Ganjaman at Planet Earth Studios Berlin, the album will be released on April 21st 2023.

Those who have been following the releases of Yutman Records for a while might recognise the riddims from previous releases, which have now been voiced anew by Mark Wonder. Featuring five versatile tunes, three dubs and an acoustic version, “Reflections of the Dragon Slayer” shows the musical and thematic range of the Jamaican singer.

The slow, meditative opener “Controlled Hypocrisy” calls for revolutionary thinking, while “African People” is a tribute to Mark Wonder’s African roots. The next tune and the album’s first single “Urgency” draws attention to political, economic and ecological grievances. “Power for the People” is meant to give us strength in this struggle. The heartfelt love song “For the Reason” completes the album.

Urgency Mark Wonder
Urgency Mark Wonder

Additionally the album features a special acoustic version of “For the Reason”, only consisting of grand piano, guitar, and violin, as well as three dub versions, one of which remixed by German veteran Ganjaman.”Reflections of the Dragon Slayer” will be released on April 21st by Yutman Records and as always be available on Bandcamp and all known music platforms.



1. Controlled Hypocrisy
2. African People
3. Urgency
4. Power for the People
5. For the Reason
6. For the Reason (Acoustic Version)
7. Controlled Hypocrisy (Dub)
8. African People (Dub)
9. Urgency (Dub)

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