Enzo Kingston Bwoy Releases New Track “Stocks and Shares”

Enzo Kingston Bwoy Releases Stocks and Shares

Kingston, Jamaica (Powerhouse Global Media) Recording artiste Enzo Kingston Bwoy brings a fresh sound with his latest single, “Stock and Shares.” Officially released on April 23, 2021 the track was produced by Jamaica/Canada based label CEOQueen Entertainment & Management Inc (CEMI)

It is an upbeat track that talks explicitly about money; attaining it and making it work for you by investing in the stock market with good returns. A truly rags to riches story, this timely piece from Enzo is bound to be a favorite especially because of its relatability.

 “The thing is I have been getting into stocks and shares and this just seemed like the best time to showcase how I’m moving now. I’m all about stacking and getting paid for being my best self,” the artiste explained.

Enzo Kingston Bwoy is hoping that this track will get its well-deserved praise and further aid in cementing his name in the music business.

“My music is always fun filled; the vibes and energy have to be there. More than anything though, I just want people to listen to the words of the song; it never hurts to be a little more knowledgeable about money management,” the artiste expressed.

Currently based in the UK, Enzo Kingston Bwoy’s unquestionable style of music and energy is really what sets him apart as an artiste. He also adds a unique element to his songs, with his reggae/dancehall and Afro beat style. His previous releases include “Bad Like Me” and “One Time.”

Though fairly new to the scene, the artiste is already making an impact on the music landscape. “Jamaica will always be home to me so even though I’m over here I have to make sure my music reflects that while portraying relevant topics that my listeners can relate to and vibe to,” he added.

“Stock and Shares” is available for streaming and purchase on major digital platforms such as iTunes, Soundcloud and Apple Music.