Lost Transmissions A Collection Of Music Created By Dub Cmd Originally Lost And Now A Free Download


Lost Transmissions is a collection of music created by Dub Cmd in 2019, which was never released, since the original files were never made available due to the pc on which the productions were produced was stolen. Nevertheless we managed to find the latest versions before the files were “lost” and decided to share it with everybody as a free download.

Lost In Transmissions Download

This small musical treasure includes self-released or unreleased work of the artist, as well as some collaboration with O.L.M. from Italy and “deep music” specialist Mantsche from Austria with his first appearance on the label. These tracks were never released before!

Last but not least, we included Still, a bonus dub-stepper track based on a poem by the legendary Count Ossie.

Give thanks for downloading and listening, Guidance and love!

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