Zulu Bob Long Awaited Album Holding On

Zulu Bob Long Awaited Album Holding On
Zulu Bob Long Awaited Album Holding On

A project that brings together 10 explosive tracks in the colors of Reggae and Hip-Hop, depicting the bitter observation of today’s society but also the positive aspects of a return to the sources, sharing, humanity and especially a deep reflection on the future to adopt to continue moving forward.

And although the first track “Greetings” carries the positive side of the album, sharing the ups and downs of the crew (ChinaMan Yard), with an outstretched hand, from the second track one understands that the album is going to take a completely different turn.

Thus “1 Up” notes the betrayal of some we thought close, “Ruffa Than Dem” is a direct response expressing the fact of never giving up, because behind a good or bad experience, there is always a solution. The track “Cool It Down” is a call to calm and reasoning but also a questioning on the place of the man within our universe while Holding On is a statement of the current situation. Humanity can only remain strong and united in the face of adversity and the trials of everyday life. To remain strong in front of the storms and tides which over whelm the populations. A message which remains positive because we can hold on and stay strong unified. Never give up or restrict ourselves, show the love and support we have for each other.

The song “What Are You Waiting For” is a message to believe in yourself, while “Empty Your Mind” is a statement of the current situation worldwide. A personal introspection on the meaning of life, but also on the struggle and the search for a better life. No matter what we’ll hold on and move forward!

Pon Road” explains the roughness of the street, while “Old Pirates” talks about the reality of colonization. The last track “Silk Road” ends the chapter of Zulu Bob living in China for over 15 years.

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Zulu Bob hails from the twin Island of Antigua and Barbuda. Moving to China for studies he jumped in the entertainment scenes.

Zulu Bob spends his times working as both a Dj and Mc in Beijing under the alias of Norrisman but his true joy comes fromhim being able to share his views and feelings through his music.

Working closely with ChinaMan Yard (formerly DB Bros), WhyBeatz and Island Trap Records, he touches different styles, different genres and is truly dedicated and ecstatic about releasing to the world music from an artist with no barriers.

Zulu Bob previously released an EP back in 2017, “Feel it” was more of an electro caribbean trap vibe. He then released his first solo album co-produced by DB Bros Records and IslandTrap Records “One Way” in 2019. The song “Feel The Vibe” hit #5 in the reggae charts of New York, and the track “Life Nuh Easy” in collaboration with Lutan Fyah received good reviews as well.

In january 2021 he released the longtime coming album “Road To ReggaeVille” that has been pushed on front page release of both Apple Music and iTunes in China Mainland and Hong Kong.