Word Sound Power Collective Supporting The Rastafari Elders

Word Sound Power Collective Support Rastafari Elders

The Word Sound Power Collective’s mission as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization is to organize and mobilize the Rastafari community and other like-minded peoples to provide support to Rastafari Elders at home and abroad. This support includes providing for basic needs like food, clothes and shelter as well as needs of a medical nature. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the sick nourished, the aged protected and the infants cared for.


The Word Sound Power Collective Programs

  • Rastafari Ancient Support Fundraising (RAS)
    -Fundraising to support daily needs and necessities including food, clothes and shelter. These efforts are initiated for a specific period of time.

  • Ancients Medical Assistance Fund (AMA)
    -Fundraising to support immediate and emergency medical needs. This fundraising is ongoing and donations are accepted at any time.

Word Sound Power Collective Impact

Since 2006, over $65,000 dollars have been raised to benefit Rastafari Elder’s Welfare. This includes medical care, daily needs and new houses built from the ground up.


Over 65 thousand dollars raised

Funds have been collected around the globe to assist and aid Rastafari Elders in need.


Over 14 Years Serving communities

The Collective began as a grassroots effort among a small group and has grown to serve Rastafari Elders in communities in Jamaica, the United States and Ethiopia.


over 250 Elders projects supported

The Collective works with Elder Advisors on the ground to determine those in need. We strive to identify both female and male Elders of the Rastafari faith.


Your support matters

R.A.S. and A.M.A Donation

Donate to Rastafari Ancient Support and Ancient Medical Assistance Fundraising