Candlelight A Tóke And DJ Densen Collaboration Remix

Candlelight A Tóke And DJ Densen Collaboration
Candlelight A Tóke And DJ Densen Collaboration

In their first ever official collaboration, Indonesian-German Soul/Reggae artist Tóke (Berlin) joins forces with Cologne-based producer DJ Densen (Romain Virgo, Trettmann, Treesha etc.) to present their new single “Candlelight” (DJ Densen Remix).

As an uneasy winter is set to begin in Europe, with inflation, soaring gas prices and wars tormenting the hearts of the people, “Candlelight” is a song of hope, warmth and stability in an increasingly unpredictable future. Tóke asks himself: how do we maintain our inner flame while the winds outside are blazing? How do we stay sane, while everything seems to turn surreal?

“I wrote this song in a difficult time, as a reminder to myself really to keep my fire burning even in the coldest times. With everything that’s going on, it really feels hard to bear sometimes, so I think all our inner flames have been flickering really low. I think it’s our own responsibility to find ways to protect that flame from blown out by the winds. – Tóke

Initially released by We Run This Records, which is run by ‚The Breed‘ (Anderson.Paak, Kodak Black) Candlelight was part of Tóke’s 2021 “Ethereal EP” in collaboration with FLKS. Prolific Hip Hop & Reggae producer DJ Densen (Romain Virgo, Trettmann, Treesha etc.), who is known for his soulful yet banging remixes took a spin on this introspective tune, creating a pounding riddim letting us reminisce in 2000’s juggling riddims.

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