A Great Collaboration Stinging Ray and Chezidek Singing Mount Zion 

A Great Collaboration Stinging Ray and Chezidek Singing Mount Zion 
A Great Collaboration Stinging Ray and Chezidek Singing Mount Zion 

When China’s new reggae sensation STINGING RAY meets Jamaican star CHEZIDEK to join forces and create a track, the result is sure to be a hit that will captivate you from the very first notes.

Recorded in the summer of 2023 when they met at the Irie Ites studio, this combination will take you on a spiritual journey, advocating a peaceful way of life while encouraging individuals to distance themselves from negative influences. “Mount Zion” is a philosophical exploration of the transformative power of reggae, promoting positive outlooks and harmonious living.

Musical alchemists Chezidek and Stinging Ray reveal the authenticity of reggae; Chezidek, a seasoned reggae artist, lends his distinctive voice, while Stinging Ray infuses the track with elements that elevate the reggae journey, embodying the spirit of roots reggae with a depth of experience. Together they create a sonic masterpiece that invites listeners to embrace a tranquil existence. The metaphorical ascent of Mount Zion becomes a symbolic journey to a higher state of consciousness, urging individuals to rise above negativity and embrace a life rooted in peace. The song becomes a musical guide, encouraging listeners to step away from the trappings of negativity and find solace in the serene heights of Mount Zion.

A conduit for positivity, inspiring listeners to cultivate a state of mind of tranquillity and serenity.

Mount Zion was composed by the talented musicians of Med Tone under the direction of Irie Ites. To complete the roots feel, the instrumental was mixed by the masterful hands of Roberto Sanchez and edited by Irie Ites. To accompany this release, Irie Ites has also mixed a magnificent dub version of this track that will transport you straight to Mount Zion. It’s a musical journey that will leave no roots fan unmoved!

Mount Zion” will feature on the forthcoming compilation produced by the Irie Ites label, Cream Of The Crop 2023, which will be available on CD, LP and digital formats from January 2024.

Cream of the Crop 2023 promises to be a treat for all reggae fans looking for fresh, innovative sounds!