Bite Of Paradise By Brain Holidays The Documentary

Bite Of Paradise By Brain Holiday The Documentary
Bite Of Paradise By Brain Holiday The Documentary

Bite of Paradise the award winning documentary by Croatian Reggae pioneers Brains Holidays, have immortalized the creation of their current, fifth studio album, Jamaican Connection.

“Everything we wanted to achieve as a band has already happened during the recording and release of the album; we’ve fulfilled our dreams. ‘Bite of Paradise’ was supposed to document those moments of our small victories and present them to the world. The main character of the film is still the music, and the sole purpose and hope of this documentary are to introduce our music through a different medium to a wider audience,” said director Magda Mas, who turned the entire project into her thesis at the Music Academy, and Bite of Paradise is it’s audio-visual presentation.

During 2022, the film was seen by numerous audience at various domestic and regional music and film festivals, earning nominations and recognition. At the regional DORF (Festival of documentary rock film), it was declared the Best Film of the festival. “The documentary film ‘Bite of Paradise’ by Magda Mas will take you on an intimate journey with the Brain Holidays to the source of reggae music, to Jamaica. From the first minute, you get the feeling that you are there with them. This is a short story about a kind of pilgrimage by a group of enthusiasts from Croatia who, after months of preparation, went to Kingston to record an album in the legendary Bob Marley studio, Tuff Gong. The story is simple but not trivial, with a wealth of documentary material that is skillfully arranged, making this film conceptually and artistically the most successful at this year’s DORF festival. 

Their main location on the island, Tuff Gong Studio, is owned by the Marley family and is considered theb most prestigious and well-equipped studio in the entire Caribbean area. Simultaneously, it represents ab top-notch sound studio with the highest global reputation and a rich history in preserving the tradition of reggae music. Within it’s walls, you can feel the presence of legends and the spirit of that era, making it a living museum, as founder of Brain Holidays, Marko Gaćina, explained : “When I’ve entered the studio, I felt like walking through history. So many albums that I’d been listening to for years and that had influenced me were recorded there. It was an honor to record at Tuff Gong; everyone was very kind and professional, and the recording process was very quick and smooth.”

The experience of being in the birthplace and capital of reggae music, especially recording an album in a historical space, is an immensely unforgettable experience that the band members will carry with them throughout their lives, and certainly incorporate into their future work. “Reggae music was born in Jamaica, and it should always be recognized for its cultural origin that shaped it. Thanks to its universal message of love and equality for all, regardless of color, it has spread and influenced people worldwide like no other musical genre,” say Brain Holidays, adding, “When we arrived on the island, we felt a deep respect for what we do. We are grateful to everyone who supports and enjoys our music, and we confidently continue to do what we love.”