Tetra Hydro K Releases Their New Album Odyssée

Tetra Hydro K - Skanking Trip Ft. Loic Paulin
Tetra Hydro K - Skanking Trip Ft. Loic Paulin

Tetra Hydro K is a laboratory in which two dub alchemists are experimenting with multiple sounds to mark their imprint on the French electro-dub scene. The duo of producers returns this year with a new album “Odyssée”.

Coming respectively from the free party and trip-hop universe, they took their inspirations from French dub tenors such as High Tone, Improvisator Dub or Kaly Live Dub. Kanay creates a strong rhythm while Krilong brings his melodic genius with his saxophone. Electronic? Acoustic? Dub? Drum’n’Bass? Tetra Hydro K focuses on the combination of organic elements in an electronic universe. After 4 EPs since 2010, the band decided to evolve in 2016 with a first album “Labotomie”. It was followed by 2 albums in 2017 and 2018 and season 1 of the amazing “Smoking Sessions” last year.

With this new album “Odyssée”, THK rightly marks its stamp on the French dub landscape. They turned their passion in a life-size experimentation, a great diversification of the genres and musical influences that shines through various guests. The stellar dub of the French producer Panda Dub remixed by THK in “Labyrinthe” confronts with the Raggatek rhythm of the track “Nah Come Fi Test” for a top-notch collab alongside Sensi T. On “Black Ship” the duo signs a deep instrumental with a dark and dubby psychedelic vibe. The rapper KT Gorique shows all her power on the track “L’impasse”, displaying her powerful flow, no matter the rhythm. On this album, THK collaborates on two tracks with Tom Spirals. This MC from Glasgow lay down his voice in two different ways, first with a Hip-Hop vision, slightly Trap, in “Expedition 808” then with a Reggae flow on “Cut to the Chase”. “Skanking Trip” adds a touch of Dub Stepper in this album with vocalist Loïc Paulin in full power over the heavy-weighted bass. Three instrumental tracks complete this album including the monstrous “Charcuterie Monin”.

Tetra Hydro K is back on the road in 2022 to take us in their new odyssey !