Tomawok Releases “Mi Kitchen” Featuring Chezidek From His “Road To Wisdom” Album

Tomawok feat Chezidek Mi kitchen Tomawok
Tomawok feat Chezidek Mi kitchen Tomawok

The title “Mi kitchen” feat. Chezidek is taken from Tomawok’s album “Road to wisdom” recently released and which is a real success with the reggae public.

Sharing the same taste for cooking and eating well, Tomawok arrives for this clip at Chezidek in Jamaica to simmer a good dish based on Ital food and good vibes.

A conscious text against a backdrop of digital reggae, always with the same dynamic flow and Chezidek’s personal touch.


Tomawok Releases Road To Wisdom Album

Tomawok has yet an important artistic background. First, he has been a member of Zetlaskars band (Ska-Fusion), signed in 2003 on Crash Disques label. Then, he joined/founded Urban Poizon (Rap Hardcore) in 2004 and a few times later, in 2007, he teamed up with Mesh M18 and Titine Boy from Paris Grime Sin crew (Grime-Drum’n’Bass).

At the same time, the Tomawok project was taking seed in his mind and he finally decided to focus on this full-time activity from 2007.

Singer, song-writer and composer, he can fit any riddim from 70 to 180 BPM. He is a fully skilled performer using a fast flow with utmost precision, rich rhymes and wicked lyrics to master a conscious work. Being on stage is a release as he is able to draw people’s attention, to entertain the audience and make the bodies move.More than 1300 performances had been scheduled through recent years alongside the DJ set, touring around the world in France, China, Jamaica, Mali, Ivory Coast, Congo, India, Philippines, Hong-Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Lebannon, Mexico, Georgia, Germany, La Réunion.

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