Nessa B Tackles ‘Insecurity’ on Catchy Collabo with Singer J

Nessa B Tackles 'Insecurity'
Nessa B Tackles 'Insecurity'

Like many of Nessa B’s impactful songs, “Insecurity” has a women’s empowerment theme, driven by her real life experiences. The Dancehall starlet says a past relationship inspired her to record “Insecurity.”

The transparent release features the talented Nessa B (born Vennissa Marriott) paired with well known Dancehall artist Singer J. Also respected in wide music circles, Nessa B indicates it was Ninja Man who connected her with Singer J.

“This collabo sounds so natural,” says Nessa B. “I believe it’s because Singer J and I became good friends, have chemistry and work well together musically.” “Insecurity” sees the female singjay working with frequent collaborators Courtney “Undah” Privilege of Podeville Production and Frenz For Real. Fans can truly both vibe and relate to “Insecurity,” which boasts catchy and meaningful lyrics, atop the melodic Love Potion Riddim.

Nessa B believes when listeners hear this song they will truly feel the emotions of a female in an abusive relationship. It’s a relatable song, as some might understand first hand.

“What I enjoyed most about recording ‘Insecurity’ is that I could express my feelings in the song, while empowering other women,” says Nessa B.

When asked to describe emotions surrounding her new release in five words, Nessa B says “afraid, anxious, unsure, apprehensive and hesitant.”

On making good music, Nessa B was introduced to Courtney Undah Privilege (Podeville Production) by fellow artist Lennox B. Courtney, an artist, actor, songwriter and producer, was amazed by Nessa B’s music. As fate has it, they have been rocking ever since. Notably, the California based entertainer can be seen on the sitcom “Arnold’s Caribbean Pizza” and heard on the sizzling “Missing You” alongside Mr Easy, among other releases.

Nessa B has numerous songs buzzing across music spaces, including “Yuh Neva Ready.” The multi-faceted Nessa B, who is a songwriter and promoter as well, says, “A mi seh mi nah pree weh the rest a pree.” Nessa B is celebrated for the singles “Rod of Correction,” “What Kinda World Are We Living In?” and “System.”