Shanti Powa Releases New Album Called Dreamer

Shanti Powa Dreamer

This is the time for dreamers. 11 Years of “Shanti Powa”, 11 years of dreaming and this is only the beginning.

The 12 band members & their team have combined their forces with legendary Dub maestro “Gaudi” for their 4th album “Dreamer”, who was responsible for the whole production, arrangement, mix & Dub Versions.

Back in 2019 the band met “Gaudi” at the “Boomtown Fair” in the UK where the seed for “Dreamer” was planted. At the end of the year the production started, but because of Covid-19 it had to take place from different studios reaching from Italy to London. Many friends of the band have been involved such as “CW Jones” and “Danny Ladwa” from London, “Tom Spirals” & “Escape Roots” from Scotland, “Raggabund” from Germany and “Amelia Wattson” from Italy. All mastered by the one & only “Guido Craveiro” (Sound engineer of “Seeed”, “Gentleman”). The result are 5 original tracks, a Reggae cover of Uncertain Smile by “The The” & 6 Dub versions by “Gaudi”.

In 2020 the band was supposed to celebrate their 10th anniversary & a big tour was planned. However because of Covid shows got cancelled from Scotland to South Korea. All of that however made the band only stronger & focused. Enjoy the 4th album of the unstoppable force that is Shanti Powa. The love for music is too big & their ambition to spread their message around the world even more.

This is the time for dreamers. So what are you dreaming of tonight?