Suckarie When The Trumpet Sounds


When The Trumpet sounds, the debut album from the eclectically prolific writer/musician, Suckarie, is a collection of music about love. As he describes it, “love comes in many different forms”.

This personal view is creatively evident in his lyrics, where each song takes you on a vivid journey through his thoughts and emotions about those he once loved and those forever beloved. From relationships with significant others, to family and friends, his soulful lyrics paints the perfect landscape every consumer will relate to. The first track, “Our Love”, a song detailing his deep proclivity for a woman he met through a mutual friend at one of his shows, leaves his audience rooting for the success of their love connection with every eloquent lyric.

The album is consummated with the 12th track, “Favorite Song”, an acoustic version to track #8. The song is a poetic ode to a loved one, missed so deeply, that their beautiful memories still powerfully lingers, especially when the nostalgic “favorite song” of this companion is played. Suckarie hopes this inceptive album provides a deeper look into his life for his loyal fans and those to come.

Born in St. Andrew Jamaica, music was always going to be Suckarie’s destination. From an early age, it was clear that music was embedded in his DNA. “When I couldn’t find him, all I would have to do is listen closely and I’d hear him in a cupboard somewhere playing drums on pots and pans” said his mom.

After moving to New York, Suckarie started putting his passion for music to work, along with his chart topping, internationally recognized band, New Kingston. Following years of touring the world and working with countless artists, he steps into the light with new music and collaborations as a solo creative, telling his story, his way!

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