Messenjah Jon Moon’s tribute to Akae Beka

Jon Moon

„Messenjah“ is Jon Moon’s personal tribute to Vaughn Benjamin aka Akae Beka. The impulse to write the song came the day of Vaughn Benjamin’s passing. “No other artist has taught me more about Rastafari, impressed me more and influenced me more than him, so for me it felt like I had to write a song to give thanks for his works and to pray for his journey.”

The song came together over many nights at the Planet Earth Studios. Jon Moon playing, recording and mixing each instrument himself. “Messenjah” is slow and thoughtful. It’s warmth pulls you in and transports you through the dubby, intention-filled trombone and vibraphone parts – reminiscent of Akae Beka’s own productions. “Messenjah” is the second single of Jon Moon’s EP „Brighter Day“ released on all online platforms by Yutman Records.


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