Stinging Ray New Album Out Now Fantasy & Waitin’ To Cross Caribbean

Stinging Ray New Album Out Now Fantasy & Waitin’ To Cross Caribbean
Stinging Ray New Album Out Now Fantasy & Waitin’ To Cross Caribbean

Stinging Ray is coming with his first full length album Fantasy & Waitin’ To Cross Caribbean teaming up with some of the greatest legends in Reggae music.

12 amazing tracks that will bring you on a real roots reggae journey, working closely with the Roots Radics but also Sly Dunbar, Dean Fraser, Lamont Savory or I Kong thanks to Skunga Kong, you will be reminded of the powerful Jamaican Roots music of the 80’s.

A gentle touch of European vibes tagging along as well with a full track in collaboration with the incredible label Irie Ites, a featuring with the giant Big Red (Raggasonic) and another one with his producer/manager General Huge. You will surprisingly also discover some original ska vibes from the 60’s and some more modern Roots music.

This album is the first stone marking a deep collaboration between China and Jamaica. To all that says Chinese Roots Reggae does not exist, you now have the irrefutable proof that not only it does exist, but it’s coming all the way up!

Track Listing

01 – Stinging Ray feat. Big Red – Walking To Zion

02 – Stinigng Ray – Jailhouse Skankin

03 – Stinging Ray – No Remedy

04 – Stinging Ray – Upside Down

05 – Stinging Ray – Jah Forever Lives (Fish And Farm)

06 – Stinging Ray feat. General Huge – Girl Of Wood And Water

07 – Stinging Ray – Under The Red Wall

08 – Stinging Ray – Fire In Your Eyes

09 – Stinging Ray feat. I Kong – Together Reggae

10 – Stinging Ray – Jamaica Farewell

11 – Stinging Ray – Dub Skankin

12 – Stinging Ray & Irie Ites – Fire In Your Dub

Stinging Ray

Liu Rui aka Stinging Ray is a musician who came out of the Beijing hip-hop movement «SECTION6» and is also one of the founders of the famous Beijing rap label «Dungeon Beijing». He is one of the few young people who pursue a “traditional” approach to life and music.

Over the years, he became an avid Reggae singer and DJ. He is also co-founder and one of the director at ChinaMan Yard (formerly DB Bros Records),China’s first reggae record label and distribution company dedicated to Reggae Music based in Beijing.

Since 2018, he and his friends have been hosting regular reggae parties at different clubs in Beijing every month. In February they are also responsible for the Jamaican Embassy’s designated event, “Bob Marley Day”.

He will be on tour this summer in Europe in order to promote his new album : “Fantasy & Waitin’ to cross the Caribbean”.